• Bílastæði og tæknihús

Car Park / Technology Centre

This building will house 550 vehicles, technical areas for the hospital's backup power and cooling systems. The west part of the building is designed as an office building.

The building's total size is estimated to be approximately 21,000 m2.

  • 1,500 m2 for technical spaces • 2,700 m2 for offices
  • 17,000 m2 for the car park

The building is expected to consist of five floors above ground and three floors below ground.

This is an open car-park building with a closed-o technical space.

This building, like other buildings in the Hringbraut Project, will be environmentally friendly. The aim is for all buildings to be BREEAM certified, and designed to support users. This is the largest such design project undertaken in Iceland.