Roads, Utilities and Site

The surrounding site and its system of roads, cycling and walking paths connects the operations in the buildings. Many considerations were taken into account in the design of the site, which is meant to create a positive and nurturing environment for hospital patients. The site will be economical, and the design takes into account that patients with various transport needs will pass through the site.

Vehicle parking is located so that car traffic within the area is kept at a minimum, although parking for patients must be located as close to the hospital’s entrances as possible.

Public transport access to the area and location of bus stops are arranged so that it is attractive for patients, staff and next of kin to use them. The future plans for a City Line are taken into account in the design of roads.

One of the most important aspects of the New Landspítali University Hospital is to ensure that, in the future, the flow of people and transport within and outside the buildings will be as efficient as possible.

This is done by various means. The connecting bridges and corridors between the buildings will thus ensure a good flow.

The introduction of digital pneumatic tube systems, automatic transport carts and computer-controlled garbage and linen transport systems will ensure that supplies and resources can be moved efficiently through the entire Hringbraut area.