A New Building at Grensás Ward

Grensás Ward is Landspítali’s rehabilitation ward for patients that have completed treatments in other wards of the hospital. Most commonly, patients come for specialised physical or occupational therapy, speech therapy, or interviews, as well as various treatments with the many specialists stationed in the rehabilitation centre.

The current premises of Grensás Ward are rather old and do not support the latest knowledge and development of assistive devices and equipment in the rehabilitation of people with spinal injuries and individuals with serious injuries. The new 3,850m2 building is especially designed for the operations of Grensás Ward, as well as a new inpatient unit, along with a new canteen and various other social spaces and supporting facilities.

The emphasis will be on the needs of the patient for rehabilitation and development, and the well-being of staff, access for all, nice acoustics, lighting and indoor environment. In the later phase of the project, the older premises will be renovated and reorganised for the simpler part of the operation in terms of housing and technology.