Technology and Development

Other projects of the company cover the construction of the supporting buildings of Landspítali University Hospital, such as the kitchen, delivery entrance and sorting stations. NLSH performed an extensive analysis of the condition of the current hospital premises, that is around 150,000 m2 in size.

Additionally, the NLSH carries out the procurement of central technology equipment along with medical and research devices and other equipment for the new building.

In the treatment centre and the research building, an automatic transport system will be set up, which will transport waste and dirty linens from wards in closed pipes to the sorting station, where the waste will be sorted automatically into the appropriate containers, and the linens placed in linen racks for transport to the laundry.

In the treatment centre and research building there will a specific tube system for the transport of miscellaneous products and samples, such as biological samples, medicine and blood bags. The system is intended to ensure fast and safe deliveries in and between the buildings and increase automation as well as traceability of deliveries.

An automatic, computerised trolley system in the buildings for transport of food, clean linen, products from the product centre, and larger deliveries of medicine.

In the treatment centre, 7,000 medical devices are expected, and in the research building around 2,000. Part of the equipment of Landspítali University Hospital will continue to be used in the new buildings and other equipment will be tendered in a formal manner by NLSH in accordance to the Act on Public Procurement. NLSH will furthermore organise and carry out the move from the current buildings of Landspítali to the new building.