University of Iceland School of Health Sciences Building

University of Iceland School of Health Sciences plays a key role in the education of healthcare professionals in Iceland, where many of the most prominent health science specialists teach and carry out research. The operations of the department are carried out in 9 places around the city. The plans include the renovation of Læknagarður and the construction of an annex thereto. The building will be specially designed with the needs of the Health Science department. The teaching and research facilities will be improved and modernised with increased sharing and flexibility. All of the department’s operations will be joined in the two buildings, along with Eirberg. The total size of the new building, Læknagarður and annexes, will be 17,970 square metres. The guiding light in the design of the buildings is that the design takes into account the different user groups with flexibility, the well-being of employees and students, interdisciplinary collaboration, creation of knowledge, efficiency, ease and warmth. The emphasis is on access for all, good acoustics, daylight, and all inside environment, such as ventilation and temperature.

Verkís Consulting Engineers, TBL Architects, and JCA Architecture are responsible for the design.